Distance Graphs, CBL’s and real life

CBL’s are a great tool for teaching.  It being a real life application to math that students crave.
Today we used CBL’s to create distance versus time graphs.  I liked the activity that we did last week better- by creating real distance graphs.  Some of today’s graphs would not translate correctly to the real world and I think that it could mislead students in cross curricular activities.

We also used the the microphone piece to create notes and then used them to make songs.  This would be a great activity for students to understand the how to apply the graphing calculators.  I did an activity similar to this in my physics class, using tuning forks.  I think by making the students play a song at the end, it makes it more fun and lets them see the finished product. Sometimes I feel that the labs in Physics did not tie everything together nicely.  If I were to do this lab in my physics class, I would have each group play a song.
As far as my group project, we are done and I’m excited about that.